New innovation from Iran: Islamic bikes

After its revolutionary space programme, sending a mouse, a turtle and a can of worms into space in February 2010, and after being set to uncover the secrets of nuclear fusion, Iran is continuing on its unstoppable path of innovation and progress.

Next are Islamic bikes. This new project is so special however that only women will benefit from it. Because as the deputy governor of Isfahan said: “Riding bicycle for women, if it is done to attract attention, is against Islamic law … But there are health benefits and we cannot only prohibit women from doing things … So we are designing biking provisions for women, such as specially designed bicycles.” I am curious to see the prototype…

The deputy governor Mr Mehdi Esmaeili also brought up the idea of “hidden and closed bike paths” especially for women. (This idea actually reminded me of the specially designated parking areas that we have for women in Germany, although I always thought that the reason for these is not segregation of the sexes but simply that they are wider so that it’s easier to park without denting your car.)

By the way, Mr Mehdi Esmaeili is right, women on bicycles can really be attractive. But with Iran’s strict dress code for women that forces them to cover their whole body from top to toe, I am not sure if being on a bike makes that much difference.

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