Twilight at the Train Station

Photographed in Leipzig, Germany.

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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6 Responses to Twilight at the Train Station

  1. Kiwerry says:

    Impressive, Andreas, thank you. The photo evokes images of railway stations as they used to be, though Leipzig station is now known for its modern shopping mall-like section.

    • I hate those shopping stations and have written about them on my German blog: , also showing a few examples from other countries of how it could/should be done.

      Leipzig suffers from the same: far too much shopping space, and almost nowhere to sit down and simply wait for a train or read the newspaper.
      But it’s such a grandiose building that even hyper-capitalism cannot completely destroy its aura.

      Recently, I listened to an interview with the architect behind the (ugly and terrible) new Berlin Hauptbahnhof. When he was asked why there are hardly any places to sit down, he seriously replied: “That’s not necessary anymore, because trains are now so on time that nobody has to wait anymore.”
      Clearly, that guy has never been on a journey where he had to change trains.

  2. danysobeida says:

    Deslumbrante, ese artesonado es espectacular!!!

    • Y el efecto con la luz del sol!
      Entré en la estación justo en el momento perfecto.

    • kiwerry says:

      Agreed! Not only the light, but also I think the number of people walking through is optimal – enough to be interesting, not enough to be crowded.

    • I thought exactly the same!
      It almost looks like one would place people for a photo, but it was a random situation on a Sunday evening, shortly after 6 pm.
      (I only came across it because I had run out of cigars and couldn’t find any in Markkleeberg on that day. Thus I had to take the train into the city. Bloody addiction. :/ )

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