One Hundred Years Ago, the Habsburg Empire was finished for good – April 1922: Emperor Karl I

Zur deutschen Fassung.

In April 1922, so much stuff happened that, as earth-shattering as each of the events may have been, I can only devote a cursory glance to some of them.

Like the death of his beloved majesty, Emperor Karl I of Austria, Hungary and so on, on the much appreciated island of Madeira. But for that, I can luckily refer you to a previous episode about said emperor, in which I already covered his death anyway.

No, this is not the emperor. This is the man who could have saved the emperor, if only his majesty hadn’t been so skeptical about vaccines. But I explain all of this in the episode about October 1921 in great detail.

Enjoy reading it (again!)

And yes, it’s Habsburg, not Hapsburg.


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3 Responses to One Hundred Years Ago, the Habsburg Empire was finished for good – April 1922: Emperor Karl I

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  2. So… what is the story behind why you don’t have a new article for April?
    Did an evil witch cast a spell on you to make you sleep every time you tried to write?
    Did the ghost of Karl I haunt you?

    A quick search of historical events in April 1922 shows me that on April 15, 1922 the legendary Poodle Dog Restaurant closed in San Francisco. It was “legendary” yet I know nothing about it😲

    I shall not hold this recycled post against you.😉 😂😂
    I hope all is well with you and yours!🤞

    • Oh, there will be a new article for April 1922! I am working on it already…

      Although, the information about the Poodle Dog Restaurant closing makes me wonder if I got my priorities right. 🤔

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