Post-Pandemic Plans

Zur deutschen Fassung.

As a friend of alliterations, once the pandemic is over, I will go on pilgrimage to Petra, hitchhike to the Himalayas, walk to Waziristan, go to Giza, travel to Tirana and take the train to Tehran as well as the railroad to Rawalpindi.

After the ship to the Shetlands, the cruise to the Caribbean and the boat to the Baltics, I will run through Russia, but not without a stop in Stalingrad. Then, I will march to Marseilles, backpack to Baku, hurry to Hungary, dawdle to Damascus, journey to Jordan, stroll through Strasbourg and wander to Weimar.

Only swimming to Sweden is a somewhat scary scheme.

I could also bike to Belgium or bicycle to Burma, but that’s bad for the butt.


About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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14 Responses to Post-Pandemic Plans

  1. As a fanatic fan of alliterations I had much fun with this fancy forecast:)

  2. But you’ll probably not zki to zanzibar

  3. You’re going to “dawdle” to Damascus rather than “dash”? Or are you not the dashing type? 😂

    I am also a fan of alliteration. Even the word “alliteration” is fun.

    • Actually, I should have made that “dawdle and dash to Damascus” or “dashingly dawdle to Damascus” or “dawdle to Dakar and dash to Damascus”.

  4. Red Bat says:

    When you’re sitting in Sweden, don’t forget to navigate to Norway! You could also flounce fancily to Finland fairly frugally…

    • Wow, I am impressed and not even attempting to top that. Alliteration record!

      Any chance that you’ll already be in Norway by October? (My assignment in Stockholm will last until 3 October and after that, I’d like to explore Scandinavia a bit.)

    • Red Bat says:

      Unfortunately not! Passport is now in hand (huzzah, and thank you again!), but we’re probably at least a year out still…pesky pandemic postponed painstaking plans, plus purloined precious pesos!

    • Wooooww, Patrick is a proper pro, playing with pronouns, prepositions and puns! :O

    • Red Bat says:

      Please! Pronouncing p’s provides perhaps partial, passing palliative peace – pernicious purple prose pains people! Personally, plentiful profuse palavering gives me something to clean my screen with… :) (ptooey!)

  5. List of X says:

    You don’t have to swim to Sweden. You can just swoop in to Sweden from Finland.

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