Kyiv – Day 11/21 – Tanks

Should I be worried if there are suddenly tanks in front of the house?

tanks in front of house.JPG


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5 Responses to Kyiv – Day 11/21 – Tanks

  1. gabe says:

    It was early May, back in ’04, when I visited Kiev and came upon a practice session for the Victory Day parade. At first, though, I was seriously confused by the tanks, the soldiers . . . and especially by the music.

    • Wow!
      Actually, it’s been my wish to attend a Victory Day parade for a few years already, but then I am always elsewhere on 9 May. – This year, I will be on the Azores, taking care of cats again.

  2. I would be worried if I saw tanks in front of a house. I dont remember seeing them in a parade even.
    Back in 2007, a guy stole a tank from a National Guard depot in a nearby city and took it on a joyride.
    Aren’t they horrible for the roads?

    • Oh yes, real tanks are horrible for the roads.
      But these are just armored personnel carriers with normal wheels, I don’t think they are worse than a truck.
      Funnily enough, the streets are mostly fine here, while the sidewalks often have holes as big as craters.

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