Change of plans: Mariánské Lázně / Marienbad

Not quite last minute, but two days before my departure, the house-sitting gig in the Cotswolds in England fell through. That’s sad, because I had been looking forward to it.

So, I sat here in Bavaria with a packed backpack, ready to go, and had to think of an alternative. Of course I could stay at home and study, but I was in travel mood. Looking for a beautiful place that I could easily reach by train, the choice was obvious: Mariánské Lázně (Marienbad is the more easily pronounceable German name) in neighboring Czech Republic.


Sometimes, I wonder why we often want to travel afar, overlooking the beautiful and interesting places in our proximity.

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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8 Responses to Change of plans: Mariánské Lázně / Marienbad

  1. THANK YOU! I live in the Nuremberg area, and had never heard of this town! It´s now on my short list for a weekend away.

    • I think that whole area of Marienbad, Karlsbad and Franzensbad (I am using the German names because I am in a hurry) is fantastic.
      By train from Nürnberg, you only need to change once in Cheb (Eger). The Bayern-Böhmen-Ticket is valid on both sides of the border.

      In a few weeks, I will hopefully have a full report with more photos and advice.

  2. It looks absolutely gorgeous! It seems that you don’t get fed up with travelling!! All the best:)

    • I get fed up quickly with staying at my dad’s house, though, that’s why I need to escape at least once a month.
      And with such beauty as Bohemia close by, it would be a shame not to explore.

    • I can’t believe that at your age you still live at home!

    • 1. Well, most of the time, I live somewhere around the world.
      2. I am only in Germany for a few months of the year (some years not at all), so there is no point in renting a house and taking it from someone who needs it more.
      3. I have a huge library at my father’s house, which I need for studying and writing.
      4. I can’t afford a place of my own.
      5. The fact that I don’t waste money on real estate is probably the reason I have a relaxed and interesting life and have been to 62 countries already despite not working anymore for many years.
      6. That way, I have a secretary who receives, scans and forwards my mail.

    • I know that you live a very special and interesting life, but thank you very much for your detailed information! Buona continuazione con tutti i tuoi progetti. Gruss Martina

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