Where do Babies come from?

The other day, I overheard a conversation at the restaurant:

  • Everyone on my Facebook is having a baby.
  • That doesn’t mean we need to have one too.
  • These baby photos receive a lot of likes, though.
  • How many?
  • 33, 25, 28. Look! Even Anna – you know? the ugly one – her baby got 17 likes already.
  • Mmhh. Yeah, maybe it’s a good idea.

Before we judge, let’s remember that we have no idea what our parents thought back then. If you investigate, you may find out that government subsidies for newborn children or other unromantic reasons played a role.

girl with teddy

“I don’t even want to know why I am here.”

There really seems to be a pattern that I have observed again and again. In a circle of friends, one couple has a child, whether by accident, out of boredom or because they think it will save the relationship (it won’t). Usually, within no more than half a year or however long it takes to produce these babies (I don’t really know anything about that), at least half of the couples in that circle of friends will have babies, too. And thus, a number of little extra pollutants are put on the planet just because people can’t withstand peer pressure.


About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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16 Responses to Where do Babies come from?

  1. Uh, Andreas, babies come from sex. Avoid that and you’ll be fine.

    • Put like that, my article is more about the question why people have sex. I am more concerned about the sociological conditions rather than the biological act.

    • Iza Kan says:

      I would say that children need mature and resposnible parents, not every body is ready for it. Sometimes people have children because they have hidden idea to get money profit, sometimes people have children because they feel so lonley and think that child solve this problem. People have different idea. Im my cauntry we said that first child is fruit of love, second children is because first need to have friend to play…Im my opinion is safe when children have people who are mature and emotionally stable people.

  2. July Rojas says:

    Jaajajaja bueno …no lo hagan si realmente no quieren tener hijos , y ser padres . Pero si lo quieren háganlo jajaja… usted Andreas haga un niño …auque sea por aburrimiento jajajajaja ( broma ) en realidad ser padres es una gran responsabilidad que a mí me da miedo .😊

  3. Iza Kan says:

    May I ask you what do you think about this youtube chanel, Do you have or did you have kind of education in Germany?

  4. mulan92 says:

    Oh dear. This made me think of how some people born in recent years in Poland will feel when they learn that their parents made them for government subsidies.

  5. It doesn’t really answer your title question ;-) and imagine everybody would think like you, there would be no more babies so no more people in the future, besides they can be so funny and full of energy.

    • There is no danger that everyone will think like me. But if a few people at least thought similarly, we would pollute the world less, and our planet would be slightly less crowded.

  6. This world is very cruel.

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