Granada is overrated

I had already become skeptical, with all the praise heaped on Granada. “Most beautiful city in Spain, best example of Moorish architecture anywhere in the world, breathtaking, fascinating, spectacular, unique, and so on.”

But when I got there, well, see for yourself.

Granada sign.JPG

Granted, the mountains in the back looked great, reflecting the last rays of the setting sun. But it was by far not as grand as I had expected.

I couldn’t even find a hotel.

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16 Responses to Granada is overrated

  1. Miriam says:

    Pretty mountains. Hope you found somewhere to sleep!

  2. Yes terrible. I wonder where the city disappeared. I hope the weather was right for sleeping out.

  3. Dany Sobeida says:

    Debes escapar hasta La Alhambra…no conozco personalmente…siempre me han deslumbrado las fotografías y conceptos arquitectónicos de la arquitectura morisca en España. Si vistas el lugar sube los disparos de tu cámara. Please!

  4. Dan Cassidy says:

    Yep, has an industrial and grimy feel in certain parts.

  5. There might be some attractions in town, did you check? Also: if you could not find a hotel, does this mean that they are all booked? If so, what are all those tourists looking at? ;-)

    • Looking at the photo again, I am now thinking that it may all have been self-check-in, so I was waiting for a porter in vain. I just should have walked through the open door and made my bed.

  6. Doesn’t look like Granada I visited ;-)

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