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In South America, I meet a lot of people who want to visit Europe, but always the same old boring places: Germany, Italy, France, Spain and London. When I suggest that they rather visit Eastern Europe which is more interesting, more exotic and where you can travel for three months for the cost of one week in London, I am met with blank stares: Where? What? Why?

It’s like people have never heard of beautiful countries like Montenegro, Slovenia or Romania.

Sadly, even many Europeans whom I meet in South America know more about Brazil or Australia than about the eastern half of their own continent.

As anyone who has met me over the past year knows, I am fascinated by Romania. It is not only the friendliest country in which I lived in Europe, it is also objectively beautiful. If you like mountains and hiking and castles, it’s actually paradise.

Because nobody believes me, I have looked for some videos that capture just a tiny bit of that fascinating country.

The video focuses a bit too much on the Transfagarasan Highway, but for anyone with a motorcycle or indeed a bicycle, this road through the mountains is a delight. I like how the drone got up early to capture the morning mist, for example in Sighisoara. The salt mine in Turda is really spectacular and well-captured in the video. It’s so huge that I was afraid of heights – underground.

The next video is about Transylvania, one of the regions of Romania, and coincidentally where I lived for one year. Watching it makes me want to return to cross the whole country by walking.

Romania is also quite beautiful in winter:

(Hier könnt Ihr diese Seite auf Deutsch lesen.)

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