How Social Media made the World better

Two cities walk into a bar.

Says Srebrenica: “I was so unlucky that my massacre already took place in 1995. A few years later, and the internet would have saved us. My people could have alerted the world about the siege and the threat of genocide via Twitter and Facebook. Surely, the global community would have come to our help. And if that hadn’t worked, we would have held our children and cats into the camera and uploaded the videos on YouTube. That might seem a bit desperate, even cheesy, but nobody would have remained untouched. Too bad that these social media came too late for us. We could all still be alive.”

Answers Aleppo: “Oh, you naive …”

They are interrupted by the sound of bombs, explosions, screams for help. Analog, digital, multimedia.

But nobody listens. The world is celebrating Christmas, twittering photos of mulled wine and of presents.

Aleppo, Syria - 07/12

“I am sorry, boys. We have lost our internet connection. Now, nobody can care about us anymore.”

(Auf Deutsch lesen.)

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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13 Responses to How Social Media made the World better

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  2. Very interesting post

  3. locojhon says:

    And no mention as to who is actually responsible for both divide and conquer conflicts, and all of the resulting deaths and destruction–all sponsored, organized and funded by another agency preferring to keep its hands ‘clean’ through the mechanisms of covert funding and plausible deniability?
    Both ‘incidents’ have ‘deniable’ cia fingerprints all over them, so the (fill in the blank–Russians, terrorists, freedom fighters, patriots etc.) can in turn take the blame without any actual proof.
    Don’t bother with the ‘conspiracy theorist’ label–I am a conspiracy realist, and damned proud of it.
    (I only wish I could be as proud of being a USAian, but that hasn’t been possible since the war on Vietnam. Unfortunately for the planet.)

    • Attributing everything everywhere to the CIA all the time is intellectually very lazy. And boring.

    • locojhon says:

      Unlike your reply, dear Andreas?
      I cite your two examples, add Vietnam, and all of a sudden “everything, everywhere and all the time” is attributed to me by you–supposedly a once-accredited lawyer.
      Nice straw-man argument, mister lawyer-man–an obvious intellectual masterpiece!.
      Actually my friend–paraphrasing you, here–‘denying everything, everywhere that the CIA does all the time is intellectually very lazy. And boring.’
      (Not to mention–due to the preponderance of readily-available evidence to the contrary–just a tad propagandistic.(by omission))
      Just sayin,,,

    • If anyone manages to read all your comments on my blog, they will see that you indeed blame the CIA for EVERYTHING. You blame them for more things than they have agents. And when someone writes a blog, you scream “paid for by CIA”, “in cahoots with CIA” and so on.
      You have a psychotic fixation on the CIA, which Dr Freud would explain with past rejection when you applied to join them or losing a girlfriend to a spy. Thing is, he probably wasn’t even a real spy, he was just pulling off the thing from “True Lies”.

    • As to your other fixation with my law degrees: I would appreciate it if I wasn’t reduced to that. I also have an MA in philosophy. And I am thinking of returning to university next year to study even more.

    • Stefan MD says:

      one word – Illuminati :P

  4. Anonymous says:

    Interesting! At least with social media, we know we’re not doing anything about it. But we know what’s happening. Somehow few people might help in someway. 0.01% of help is better than none isn’t it? .

    • It would be better to join the Peshmerga.
      Unfortunately, when I contacted them, they didn’t have any use for someone with degrees in law and philosophy. They were looking for soldiers.

  5. Anonymous says:

    uf I think there were more uglier massacres before famous Srebrenica which is controversially explained what happened

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