Where George W. Bush is still popular

I have never seen a “George W. Bush Boulevard” or “George W. Bush Square” anywhere in the world. For some reason, he is not very popular anymore. I am not even sure if there is any “George W. Bush Street” in the US, except maybe in Texas.

But then I saw these signs just around the corner from my hotel in Tirana, the capital city of Albania: “George W. Bush Street”

rruga George W Bushrruga George W Bush 2

I wonder what American islamophobes will make of the fact that some of the most pro-American countries in Europe are those with a large Muslim majority (especially Albania and Kosovo).

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5 Responses to Where George W. Bush is still popular

  1. What a great reminder that people of the world are so much more complicated than politics can ever predict!

  2. He was a not too smart cowboy, shoot’em-up President who’s policies created a near catastrophic depression.

  3. Tim says:

    Given the American-led miliary interventions to protect predominantly Muslim populations in the former Yugoslavia ~15 years ago, such pro-American feelings are hardly surprising. I remember at that time hearing a colleague — who was from Serbia — complaining loudly that the Americans always took the side of the Muslims in any international conflict! But I don’t really understand why people would associate this with George W Bush — didn’t this happen during Bill Clinton’s time in office?

    • You are right, the intervention in Kosovo was during Bill Clinton’s presidency. In Prishtina in Kosovo there is a Bill Clinton Boulevard.

      Maybe George W Bush is associated with Albania’s accession to NATO which was negotiated during his presidency.

      Another thing I noticed in Albania is that the USA are held in high esteem because many Albanians have emigrated there. They apparently report good things about their new home to those still in Albania.

  4. jj says:

    The Albanians swiped his wristwatch when he visited. Watch around 0:29-0:31. Funny!

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