A good reason not to care about global warming

From Libertarian Party presidential candidate Gary Johnson:

If you take a “long-term view” of billions (!) of years on environmental problems, why bother about anything else then? Surely, when the sun is going to explode, it won’t ask us how balanced the budget is, how many people sit in prison and how high your SAT score is.

But for any future candidate, it’s good to know that “I don’t care” is now an acceptable stance. In the case of Gary Johnson, it goes hand in hand with “I don’t know”.

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Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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6 Responses to A good reason not to care about global warming

  1. Sridhar Chigurupati says:

    At ten minutes in, I couldn’t take any more of the nonsense. Impending monetary collapse? 43% cuts? Maybe he smoked enough weed to last a lifetime. But those few minutes of listening gave some insights. He’s another rich businessman who has a lot of time to fully engage in politics. I wish “What’s Aleppo” did him in, because his 7-9% may cost Hillary the election. But in this election, it seems only Hillary is held accountable for what she says.

    • I am also surprised people still take Gary Johnson seriously. Actually, after seeing a few of his interviews and listening to a full hour with him on NPR, I am surprised he ever was elected governor.
      There is no substance and his initial reflex to most questions seems to be “what do I care??” You are right, he does remind me of some other people who have definitely smoked too much weed over their lifetime.

    • By the way, I didn’t want you to have to watch such a long video. I thought it would jump to the climate change section right away. Thanks for alerting me to this! I have now uploaded a different video with only the relevant segment.

  2. ZaCook says:

    Wow! So we have a serious problem, we created this problem, is in our future but you know what?.. I see no reason why we should do anything about it ’cause, you know .. the money… we’re not a bunch of idiots willing to loose some money ’cause of this global warming “thing”. And his facial expression at the end says it all! MANNN, you gotta love POLITICS!!

  3. Lou-ter-Lou says:

    I’m baffled… Well, we’re all gonna die anyway, so why have politics and regulation at all? Anarchy works just as well, if the result is the same…

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