Visit Romania! (1964)

Ok, the film is a little bit older, but honestly, Romania isn’t all that much different today.

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5 Responses to Visit Romania! (1964)

  1. alexdneagoe says:

    I had no idea this existed! Amazing!

  2. Matt says:

    Looooove this video. Life is a state of mind and they seem so happy with the simple things in life unlike today.
    The good old days they were!

    • Well, we should keep in mind that this is not a documentary, but a promotional video. Of course it doesn’t show the communist oppression, the lack of freedom and the labor camps.

  3. Bill Baugh says:

    Wow 👀 fabulous video – very campy in that 1960’s British newscast style 😄 Never would I have believed that Romania could look like that back then, having visited 3 times in the 1980s – it was extremely bleak, to say the least. One year after this video was made, Ceausescu got his grubby paws on this beautiful country & managed to spend the next quarter century running into the ground 😔 Thanks for posting 👍🇹🇩

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