Air Condition on Romanian Trains

Trains in Romania don’t need air condition. They simply leave the doors open during the journey.



Because of the slow speed, this enables you to get off wherever you want, without the train having to stop. Very practical.

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9 Responses to Air Condition on Romanian Trains

  1. Gaeleigh T. says:

    I can do without a clothes dryer but the lack of air conditioning in Europe is simply an egregious human rights issue.

    • Why, don’t you have windows to open? And seriously, on how many days in the year do you need it? It’s not that you can’t buy ACs, they are just not worth it for the two weeks in August.

  2. Andreea says:

    I’m looking forward to my train journey from Timisoara to Bucharest – 12 hours of pure bliss and cool air

  3. I always shiver in our trains and would be sooooo happy if they switched off the air condition!

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