It’s a bear!

Coincidentally meeting a bear in the wild while jogging or hiking is one of my hitherto unfulfilled dreams that made me move to Romania.

Yesterday, during a long hike from Târgu Mureș to Miercurea Nirajului, I came as close to this goal as never before. While climbing a steep hill outside the village of Sânișor, I found bear tracks.


Potentially even tracks of more than one bear.


For the purpose of comparison, here are two human feet.

Bärenspuren Vergleich

(Yes, the shoe with holes is mine. And yes, I know that I should buy a new pair eventually.)

Size and shape of the tracks did not leave any doubt: Bears had been here.

We followed the tracks to the top of the hill, where they got lost in the grass, and picked the spot for a picnic. Unfortunately, even our bacon sandwiches and tasty meatballs did not manage to attract the bear(s). – I will have to return to that hill with more foodstuff soon and lie on lookout. Does anyone know what bears like to eat most? (Except humans, of course.)

(Hier geht es zur deutschen Version.)

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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24 Responses to It’s a bear!

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  2. List of X says:

    I’m pretty sure that a face-to-face experience with a bear is overrated, especially when your shoes might just fall apart in case you do have to run from a bear.

    • In my experience, shoes are sill perfectly fine for at least two years after holes have appeared in them. I am even running half marathons in these.

  3. You should be careful with these walks into the woods. Have you seen “Blackcountry”?

  4. Ohh Andreas this post is so touristy :)
    Most bears eat only plants until they taste meat for the first time.But bacon won’t do it. I’m afraid you’d need a sheep at least. We actually saw tracks at about 500 meters from my boyfriend’s house in Corunca. But I think you will not be so happy when you see one in person.
    Decathlon is opening on the 29th of May, it will be the largest sports and hike gear shop in the city.
    We’re not taking you hiking until you buy new shoes!

    • These shoes will still last for another few countries. I have one other pair, but they have even more holes than here:

    • Stick with the red ones then. :)

    • How do you think I can afford to travel all the time? Only by wearing shoes and clothes until they fall apart.

    • I do the same usually but with shoes it’s different. Because one of my legs has a tumultuous past, I try to wear the best shoes possible (even though I buy them usually from second hand shops and the flea market – which you’ll have to check out at one point). Because if I injure myself I can’t hike anymore, and it’s just not worth it.

    • And by the way, this post is NOT touristy at all!
      It’s very adventurous to go hiking and searching for bears. Only the toughest people can physically and emotionally endure this stress.
      We walked all the way from Targu Mures to Miercurea Nirajului and back, about 60 km in all. In one day. That was a bit crazy.

    • Ohh I’m sorry, I meant typical.
      It’s like you’re posing with Dracula :)) See what I mean? Transylvania – bears, mountains, Dracula, stereotypes? :D

    • Ok, I acknowledge that point. But I cannot ignore the lovely bears, just because they are a stereotype. At least I am not writing about Dracula.

    • Thanks God! It’s such a stupid be known for that. Imagine when I’m aboard and everyone asks me where I’m from..those faces.. “So you KNOW Dracula??” ….

    • I know. Even I am tired of all the Dracula, vampire and garlic comments already.

    • And I am still jealous of that hike btw.

    • I can draw you a map of it if you ever want to do it. It took just 14 hours. – We are thinking of walking to Sighisoara or to Cluj next, also in one day.

    • Sovata might be exciting too. But why don’t you choose a mountain and drive to it? The scenery is much more spectacular there than on the road towards Cluj or Sighisoara..

    • 1) Because driving is lazy.
      2) Because driving is bad for the environment.
      3) Because I don’t have a car. (With shoes like above, do you think I could afford a car?)
      4) We won’t walk on the road, but through the countryside. From the train to Cluj, I saw spectacular countryside.
      5) If we walk from big city to big city, more people can imagine the distance we walked and admire us in awe.

    • :)) nice list

    • It’s the short version. :-)
      Having studied law and philosophy, making lists of convincing arguments has become a natural trait.

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