Next trip: Israel

From 8 to 22 March 2015, I will be in Israel.

“… I will be in Israel again,” I should say because this will be about my fifteenth or twentieth time to visit Israel. But six years have passed since my last trip.

Why go to the same country so often? Because Israel is not only beautiful, but above all interesting, versatile and multi-faceted, because I learn something new each time. And because discussions about war and peace, about the future and identity of a nation are more interesting than those about the debt ceiling or a Royal baby.

Here is the schedule of my trip:

I will spend the first few days in Haifa. The third city after Jerusalem and Tel Aviv is too easily forgotten. I have never spent more than a few hours there, which seems inappropriately brief. That’s why this Israel trip will kick off in Haifa.

Bahai garden Haifa 2

Then I continue to Jerusalem where I will run the half marathon on 13 March 2015. Not an easy feat in this hilly city, but hopefully a very special experience.

Jerusalem dome of the rocks

Then I will go hiking in northern Israel. I will walk the Jesus Trail (as an Atheist) and part of the Israel National Trail. This is my itinerary:

13 March 2015: going to Nazareth, the starting point of my hike

14 March 2015: hiking to Cana

15 March 2015: hiking to Ilaniya and Arbel

16 March 2015: hiking to Tabgha and Capernaum

17/18 March 2015: election night and resting in Tiberias (if resting won’t feel right: circumventing the Sea of Galilee by bike)

19 March 2015: hiking to Kibbutz Kinneret and Kibbutz Degania (the first kibbutz ever)

20/21 March 2015: hiking back to Nazareth across Mount Tabor


I had to drop my original plan of spending a few days in Jordan. I would have needed a pre-arranged visa for the border crossing at Allenby/King-Hussein-Bridge and the Jordanian Embassy in Bucharest ignored all of my e-mails. Going to any of the other border crossings would mean spending a whole day on a bus. Sad, particularly because my visa fee would have financed the fight against ISIS.

For those of you in Israel: Here is my Couchsurfing profile with plenty of reviews, so that you can be sure that I am a friendly and uncomplicated guest.

(Diese Ankündigung gibt es auch auf Deutsch.)

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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13 Responses to Next trip: Israel

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  2. Dante says:

    Do you need two passports for that journey? Many Arab states are said not to let people in when their passports carry an Israeli entry stamp. Does Jordan belong to these countries?

    • It’s not a problem with Jordan and Egypt. They have open and functioning borders with Israel and I have crossed them before.

      Most other Arab and some non-Arab states (e.g. Iran) do indeed have a problem, but Israel doesn’t stamp passports anymore. And then there are other ways around the problem, so this shouldn’t dissuade anyone from visiting Israel, although it might be best to go there at the end of along Middle East tour.

  3. List of X says:

    Wow, you’re running a alf-marathon in Jerusalem? The Jewish half or the Arab half? :)
    Also, I was in Jerusalem once in March, and the evening was most certainly not balmy.

    • I’ll make everything more complicated by running one quarter in the Arab part and one in the Jewish part. :-)

      I have also been worried about all the photos of snow in Israel in recent days. But I still have a week for it to become super-hot.

  4. Moshe Ben-Hod says:

    I wish I could visit Israel as i like that kind of architecture and hopefully I find a strong soul of place overthere and at the same time I would pay a visit to the scammer who took many thousands of dollars from me.

  5. Alessio Salzano says:

    Hey Andreas, hope you had a great time in Israel! :)
    Do you know that in Messina there is a church very similar to the capernaum one in your photo? It is called San Giuliano, colors of the cupolas vary according to renovations and lights from dark orange to pink and red, have a look at it:

    • I did not know that. That’s a very strange style for a Catholic church. The one in Capernaum is Orthodox.

      I had a great trip in Israel. Lots of hiking, the weather was still perfect, not too hot, everywhere green and full of flowers. Articles, photos and films coming soon…

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  9. emeka chibueze says:

    “…visa fee would have financed the fight against ISIS.” – what do you mean by ISIS? The ancient Egyptian Goddess? Or perhaps ISIS the trademark of Hewlett-Packard? ISIS Pharmaceuticals company? Or perhaps ISIS the Israeli Secret Intelligence Service? Or the bandit serial killer entity created by the US Military and the Zionist state in Syria? Which one? Oh please, I don’t support Palestinian liberation or white genocide, NWO, Boku Haram etc., but ISIS is nothing else just a huge polygon for military training in cruelty and destruction and is being financed by the Zionist West.

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