What is American Football?

I never understood American Football. I once stayed with a friend in Kentucky for a couple of days who tried to explain it to me while watching endless matches, but the minutiae of the rules never stuck with me for longer than one move of the play (except the fact that the New Orleans Saints are some special team which deserves to win by virtue of being from Louisiana). And boy, are these moves short. I was surprised that these big guys need a break almost every minute. Compared to real football where the players work for 45 minutes without any break, American Football is for wussies.

The following film doesn’t add any clarity either, but it’s a very good animation:

(Animation by Fraser Davidson.)

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9 Responses to What is American Football?

  1. djgarcia94 says:

    American football is a horribly dull affair. My brother plays it and I have never been to one of his games and I have no desire to. Your observation about the frequent breaks is all too true.

  2. David says:

    What is American Football? It is sports in the 21st century, custom designed to watch on HD TV with surround sound, and plenty of room for commercials to keep the advertising guys happy. Luckily it’s a pretty great sport too, once you get the hang of what’s going on, (in a nutshell: it’s a bunch of the most athletic guys on the planet trying to get the ball down the other end of the field, while another bunch of super-humans try to stop them). I’m looking forward to a good game tonight.

  3. moroccomama says:

    You said “matches”. Game over. (My husband is a fan, I can never tell where the ball is, so much going on). In brighter news, the NFL reports that concussions are down 12% this year.

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  5. livingonchi says:

    Every Thanksgiving on the way to my step daughter’s for celebrating, I ask my husband for a bit of sports trivia, and then I mention it at the party. That’s my contribution. Then I go off and play with the dogs while they continue to babble on about it :p

    • I would take the last few issues of the NYT or the WP with me and find a silent corner to hide. I just can’t get it how people can talk about football (or any other sports) matches for hours.

  6. Gaeleigh says:

    Do you know why the World Cup only takes place once every 4 years? Because that’s how long it takes to score a goal.

  7. TheVariant says:

    To each his own i guess. I love American football

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