How fast are trains in Romania?

Romanian trains are so slow, that when you get to a train crossing and you already see the train approaching, you can still safely cross the tracks. Even on a bicycle.

train crossing

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23 Responses to How fast are trains in Romania?

  1. Milan Bardun says:

    While I was traveling around Romania, I took train from Bucharest to Brasov and it took around 5 hours! OMG. The distance between these two cities is 168 km.

    • A month ago I went from Timisoara (in western Romania) to Targu Mures (where I live in central Romania). 340 km on the road. I took the only direct train of the day.
      I had to get on so early in the morning that it was still dark and when I arrived around 9 hours later, the sun was just about to set. Luckily, I had enough to read with me.

      But by bus or car it’s not much faster, so I still prefer the train. At least I can stretch my legs, enjoy the view and read a book.

    • But I had to reduce my travel plans for my time in Romania greatly because I had not anticipated how slowly I would get around.

    • Val says:

      Trains are only slow to make the country look larger.

    • It works!
      I feel like I live in Canada.

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  3. The train between Sighisoara and Targu Mures takes 3 hours. Distance: 60 kilometers :)

    • But to be fair, there are some hills in between. So the train is probably still faster than a bicycle.

    • I just checked the CFR website and it seems to be even worse. I can only find connections between Targu Mures and Sighisoara where you have to change trains and you are traveling almost all day.
      The bicycle might be faster after all.

    • Yes, well it is really bad which is unfortunate because I love the train.. Switzerland doesn’t complain about their mountains, though..

    • On another post, a reader recommended the train from Targu Mures to Moldova as a very scenic route.

    • I bet it is. I think there is a new scenic road similar to the Transalpina and Transfagarasan leading to Moldova, although I don’t know if it’s accessible in the wintertime

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