Video Blog: Climbing the Fortress of Kotor

In Kotor, the most beautiful coastal town in Montenegro, there was an easy (yet still exhausting) way to get to the fortress. And there was a hard way. Guess which one I picked.

(Hier gibt es das Video auf Deutsch.)

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5 Responses to Video Blog: Climbing the Fortress of Kotor

  1. Kotor is one of my most favorite towns ever! I was sadly with a group in Montenegro and the guide decided we didn’t have time to climb the steps, but they did take us up to see the view by bus on some very narrow streets (but it just wasn’t the same). Anyways, I plan on going back to Montenegro, not only to Kotor but to climb the Bobotov Kuk and snorkel in Herceg Novi too :)

    • Oh, the mountains in Montenegro are the most beautiful mountains I have ever seen! I went on Savin Kuk from where I had a view of Bobotov Kuk (video). I went hiking in the mountains in late October for 3 days. There was nobody else around. Wonderful!

    • Cool! I’ll be checking in for the video :)

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