Nebensaison TindariIf you can get by without being offered useless souvenirs every couple of meters, and if you pack enough books to survive one or two days of rain, then late fall or early spring are the perfect times for travelling to Sicily.

(The photo was taken in March 2014 in Tindari, apparently before the start of the tourist season.)


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3 Responses to Off-Season

  1. deeess says:

    Off Season: I find that the best time to travel is out of season! You avoid the traditional tourist traps, prices are lower. But best of all, it’s quieter and you get to meet the ‘real’ people. Sure, you may find that a lot of industries are seasonal, but locals have more time to talk to you and are more willing to show you places that most ‘in-season’ tourists dont get to see!

    • Absolutely! Especially around the Mediterranean, there is quite a difference in prices and you can stay for 3 weeks for the same money that would only buy you 1 week in summer. Also, who wants to walk around Sicily in 40-degree (centigrade) heat?

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