I know what happened to Flight MH370

The plot was already outlined years ago in the Tintin book Flight 714.


I wouldn’t be surprised if MH370 could be found on some volcanic island to which it has been abducted. (My recent visits to two volcanic islands have nothing to do with this, however.)


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12 Responses to I know what happened to Flight MH370

  1. ben says:

    right on bro! “we have the account numbers; all we need is the password!”

  2. Sukanya Ramanujan says:

    If only…

  3. stef says:

    I find it quite bad taste to make fun of those poor souls!

    • We don’t know if they are “poor souls”. They might be on the adventure of their lifetime.

    • stefan says:

      Do you really find that funny? I find it disgusting.

    • To put it into perspective, my comment dated from a time when there was still plenty of hope that everyone was alive and that the plane had simply been hijacked. Which indeed, would have been the adventure of their lifetime for most of the passengers, I assume.

  4. stefan says:

    I see. So a hijack is for the adventure of your lifetime. Hopefully I do not need to remind you one day.

  5. Tipster says:

    Something to consider: On Saturday 08MARCH2014, within a few hours of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370’s disappearance, I stumbled upon a ‘Tribute Page’ for Capt. Zaharie Ahmad Shah. At the time, I was quite surprised and taken aback by it, though I didn’t read into it then the portent I’ve had since. It was disconcerting to know this page was posted online within hours of the plane’s departure. That something like this was already out there while events were still unfolding and details weren’t known prompted me that same day to notify the FBI and the Malaysian Embassy and express my concern. I also provided them the page’s URL/web address. To this day, I wonder what they did with that info.

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