Islam is a Country and Jews follow Jesus Christ

The Republican Party in the USA used to have the monopoly for providing us with funny people during otherwise dry election campaigns, but now One Nation in Australia is filling the void in a year in which there is no national election in the US (and the election campaign in Germany is even more boring than when it was a one-party state).

One Nation candidate Stephanie Banister is apparently very, very, very concerned by halal food. So much that in the heat of the argument, she thinks that Islam is a country instead of a religion, she confuses haram with the Koran and she says that Jews are OK because they follow Jesus Christ. Which makes me wonder what her policies towards Jews would be if she knew that they don’t.

But in all fairness, at least she withdrew from the election after heavy criticism, unlike so many of our Republican friends who will try again in 2016.

On the subject of halal food: if you don’t like it, don’t eat it.

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Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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11 Responses to Islam is a Country and Jews follow Jesus Christ

  1. Jimmy J. Jones says:

    She’s a proof of that women are dumb and that US American women are very dumb. Considering woman’s opinion is like listening to what Mr. George W. Bush has to say…. Religion sucks and in my humble opinion, all religious people are lacking brain power and belong in the Middle Ages. Regarding the Jews, why are they so important? They’re just yet another ethnicity in the world, a nation of about 10 million or so, or you could say they are people who are united by Judaism or Zionism, who speak either Yiddish or Hebrew or both, as their native tongues.

    • There are just as many dumb men, but at least it’s a point against the argument that the quality of politics would improve with a quota for women.

    • Jimmy J. Jones says:

      Dumb people no matter what gender will never be equal. You can’t eradicate dumbness with quotas. More women in politics – yes, but not artificially. More greedy women in politics – no.

    • @Jimmy J. Jones: “She’s a proof of that women are dumb and that US American women are very dumb. ” I fail to follow the logic here – if logic there is to be found, which I doubt. How can the ignorance of this AUSTRALIAN woman be a proof that US American women are very dumb? What does your own ignorance about Ms. Banister’s nationality say about YOU? What does the fact that you make stupid generalisations about all women on the basis of the ignorance of one, tell us about you as a person?

    • Dante says:

      She’s a proof of that women are dumb and that US American women are very dumb.

      A single example never proves a general proposition, it just disproves the opposite one.
      In my country, there’s a comic called Jamiri which once told following story:
      A train goes through an area vis-à-vis a lawn with 4 black sheeps. In one of the train’s partitions, there sit 4 people, all academics: A sociologist, a physicist, a mathematician and Jamiri himself.
      The sociologist says: “Ah, in thisw country, the sheeps are black.” “No,” says the physicist,”we just know that there are some black sheeps in this country. THe mathematician contradicts: “All we know is that in this country, there are at least 4 sheeps which are black at at least one side.”
      Jamiri: “I don’t want to annoy sou, but this doesn’t get it. In this country, there are at least 4 entities we perceive as sheeps which are black at at least one side.”
      The others: “O.K., in strict sense, you’re right, but isn’t it a little bit paranoid?”
      The last picture shows the scene from the other side. The sheeps turn out as plywood boards with posters on the front side and a label on the rear: TOURIST FAKE: DO NOT TOUCH. :mrgreen:

    • Haha, this is a very good story!

    • Dante says:

      Too bad that I don’t find it in the web.

    • Haha, super. Vielen Dank!

  2. List of X says:

    Some people are just too stupid to realize that they should not go into politics.

  3. inavukic says:

    She is so dumb – but, hey, perhaps she’ll fit well into the politician arena we’re seeing these days. But, oh my God, why doesn’t she zip it and stay away from politics

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