Britain’s Fight against Illegal Immigration

I used to think that the UK, consisting mainly of one large island, shouldn’t have that much of a problem with illegal immigration as countries with many long land borders. After all, you only have to control the airports, a handful of seaports and the one train going through the Channel tunnel. You don’t need to build a fence or patrol the forests or mountains all night.

Then I moved to Britain and saw how messed up the system was. Not only were some border posts not manned at all and you could just walk through (especially at seaports at night), but the UK doesn’t perform any exit controls. That means they roughly know who is coming into the country, but they have no idea who is overstaying their visa. Worse, they are not even trying to have an idea. Another trick is to book two international flights which connect at two different of London’s five airports or at different terminals at Heathrow, get a transit visa for the UK and disappear on the way to the second airport or terminal.

But all this immigration mess lies in the past. The future is now! The British government has found the magic bullet for fighting illegal immigration.


What is this? A truck?

Yes, it’s a truck. But not a normal truck! It’s the official “Go home or face arrest” truck commissioned by the UK Home Office to drive around parts of London with a high immigrant population.

There have been many reports about the effectiveness of the truck, which has already caused thousands of illegal immigrants to quit their job and leave to Somalia or Pakistan immediately. Airlines have had to charter extra flights to Afghanistan and Syria. Zamira A., 28, from Iran said: “I always wanted to stay in England and never thought of leaving before. But then I saw this truck driving past me, while I was buying chicken wings in West London. It made me reflect on my life and I will leave the UK right away. Thank you, truck!”

Government by billboards – for governments who have absolutely no idea what to do. (Disclaimer: The UK Government does not accept any responsibility if its policies cause or increase anti-immigrant, xenophobic or racist sentiment and lead to violence.)  There are no reports about a similar truck with the sign “Pay taxes or face arrest” being commissioned to drive around the City of London.

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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6 Responses to Britain’s Fight against Illegal Immigration

  1. Kavita Joshi says:

    good to know this ..not that I would do it as London is way too cold for me :)

  2. Jean-Marie Cesaugot says:

    London is ugly and overpriced.

  3. vic says:

    this truck thingy is messed up i mean why why ? no one is illigal in this world .

  4. Aneesa says:

    Dear Andreas,
    Having read your blog post, we were hoping you would be interested in our video, “Don’t stop me now: The Calais ‘jungle’ and No Borders Camp”. It reveals the hell that was the Calais ‘jungle’ and the incredible journeys migrants staying there had made.

    We have uploaded the film on the Citizen TV talent site in the hope that it may receive sufficient 5 star votes to make it a video with an award winning message which will help spread the word.

    The film is available to watch and vote for here:!tab=top-talent&week=week-18-2014&month=&boc_month=&vo=%2Fdon-t-stop-me-now-the-calais-jungle-and-no-borders-camp-rvmp9Jeovj.html

    We would be delighted if you would watch the video, vote for it and share it.

    Many thanks,
    Aneesa Syed
    WORLDbytes Volunteer

    • Thank you for that! I’ll watch that as soon as I find some free time. I had heard radio reports about the refugee camps at Calais. Thanks for making a film about it!

  5. Hello

    I hope you don’t mind me contacting you, but I think you may be interested in our filmed programme ‘Rania’s story’. Immigration is again at the top of the agenda in the UK as the main political parties all try to sound tough and let migrants take the blame for their failures. But for Rania Hafez, who moved across the world, aeroplanes were like taxis. She hopes with cheaper flights more people will see more of the world and that, she points out, requires ending visa restrictions.

    We have released the film on Citizen.TV, a new talent site, in the hope that it may receive sufficient votes and viewings to win an award. If you would like to encourage us in making similar programmes please vote 5 stars for our video as this would raise debate about ‘open borders’ and raise much needed funds for our charity.

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    We would be delighted to read your comments on our video and hope you vote for us. Do feel free to embed, share, copy and pass on this programme to anyone else who may be interested. Thank you very much for your consideration.

    Best wishes,
    Abigail Appiah

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