Did you notice the Irony? (8) FEMEN vs. Barbie

Barbie Dreamhouse BerlinI didn’t even know that this ugly Barbie doll was still alive, but now she apparently got a big house in Berlin, probably financed by prostitution her sugardaddies. If you need an overdose of bad taste and pink you can visit her for only 49 € for a family ticket. I don’t know why anybody would want to do that, but then people also have been buying these skinny dolls for decades. (My parents never allowed my sister to have a Barbie doll, which tells you what kind of family I grew up in.)

The “Barbie Dreamhouse Experience Berlin” opened today. Guess who showed up for opening day? Exactly: FEMEN, the women who give feminism a good name. They criticised that Mattell, the company behind Barbie, has “turned a piece of plastic into a god for millions of girls from all over the world who now seek only to imitate plastic shapes and stupidity and absurdity of conduct” and protested with a Barbiecue (FEMEN’s pun, not mine).

Femen Barbie Berlin 1

Femen Barbie Berlin 2But, FEMEN, isn’t it ironic to protest against the image that girls have to be thin, pretty and pink by sending a thin, half-naked girl in a short pink skirt? In any case, we like your sense for irony and are looking forward to more of your actions!

(Source: FEMEN

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15 Responses to Did you notice the Irony? (8) FEMEN vs. Barbie

  1. Oh, admit it, you just wanted a cheap excuse to post more FEMEN pictures! (Gotta love the coincidence, though – as I’m typing this, DW is covering the opening and the protests. Perfect timing! :D )

  2. B Mattel says:

    I think when women use their naked bodies in protest, men no longer hear the message and just joyfully watch the parade. To me it looks more like a I want, and I expect and I deserve to have; while all the time I am doing what I want. Most these women want a RICH men to support their dreams, to be able to dress as slutty as they want and then demand men do not look, while pretending to ask for equality. I am sorry but selfishness irresponsibility is selfishness irresponsibility no matter how you package it. And yes I am a woman, happy to be a wife and a office clerk by choice.

    • Stefanos Jeffery says:

      yeah I probably would’ve just completely ignored this and moved on. This is the kind of thing that’s only interesting to me as a video, it happens in real life and I’m not gonna stick around.

  3. Jon says:

    These FEMEN idiots are only furthering the image of the dumb ‘blonde’. Seriouly? Sending a skinny, naked, blonde woman to protest against Barbie.. Are they really that stupid? Perhaps they don’t have any fat, ugly, brunette members who are willing to strip naked? Or perhaps FEMEN is really a group run by men, who want to see naked women. =)

  4. Sterling Wilson says:

    I wouldn’t call this FEMEN model “thin”, I’d call her “normal”. Normal in the way one looks when one uses their body for what is was designed every day—rather than just sit on it or drive around in a car, etc. It seems people have forgotten what an active body looks like.

  5. Dion says:

    I have reserved my front row seats for the next FEMEN action. I hope the beer is affordable this year!

  6. Dion says:

    How come there are no Ken Doll protests! Also GI Joe, that hooligan and his battle buddies came to my house completely obliterated and trashed my dwelling!

  7. Kavita Joshi says:

    woo…I appreciate the level of awareness I got here from this post..But I grew up with few barbies of my own so not sure how this is seen in the western world really…

  8. Julia says:

    Blonde and thin women have the right to protest as well.
    Maybe she was representing the doll?
    But for men is easier make jokes about a problem that affects millions of girls around the world.. oh the irony!

    • Right but why the monopoly? And if they are for feminism then wouldn’t it be their responsibility to break the stereotypes about the skinny and pretty female image?

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  10. Yea that’s my main problem with Femen

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