The best Apology ever

When you really messed up, when you caused mayhem, death, destruction and despair, when you hurt more than just people’s feelings out of stupidity or rage or drunkenness, the best apology is:

“I overreacted.”

(From Kill Bill 2.)

Short, to the point and much more memorable than long sermons of excuses and begs for forgiveness.


About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a journalist, a spy or a hobo.
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3 Responses to The best Apology ever

  1. Nick_L says:

    or, there’s always John Cleese..

  2. Kavita Joshi says:

    good post Andreas…loved this scene and made me think a little to get my own unique way to say sorry now :) Not that I do it very often but might be useful if I have one handy. And I also wanted to say thanks as I realized that I reached a milestone in my blogging journey…

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