I need to lose weight.

I am not fat, but I am not thin either. I have never been particularly concerned about my weight, as I measured my health by my ability to walk or run long distances. In my book, whether you are fat or thin, you are in top condition if you can run for a few hours without a break. I can.

Other reasons to lose weight also failed to convince me. It would make me look more attractive. So what? I don’t need that, I am happy with myself. It would reduce the risk of heart disease and cancer. True, but if I stop eating all these chocolate cakes I will have a miserable and unhappy life. Happiness is more important than longevity.

But it all changed yesterday.

Look at these steps:

steps in the snowThis was on the way back from Lithuania’s highest mountain to Medininkai. The steps on the left of the photo are mine, the steps on the right are those of a friend with whom I was doing this hike (he is on a mission to go to the highest points of all countries in Europe). While he was floating over the snow like a fairy, progressing not a bit slower than he would on a hard surface, I sank into the snow with every step. With every step, my feet got colder as my shoes filled with snow and ice. Sometimes I sank into the snow up to my knee. It slowed me down, it wore me out. It was also a depressing experience.

I was not wearing any heavy backpack which I could blame for that performance. The only difference between us was that my weight is around 80 kg and my friend’s weight is 55 kg.

On that trip, I finally found a compelling reason to lose weight. Alternatively, I could move to a country without snow.

(Es gibt auch eine deutschsprachige Version dieses Artikels.)

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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17 Responses to I need to lose weight.

  1. I have such a similar mission too, and I guess I should pay heed to the advice to… that is moving to another place haha :D

  2. spa says:

    it’s simple … stop being a bighead

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  4. EasierSolutionsDoExistYanno? says:

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Snowshoe – Problem fixed. Enjoy your cake. Mmmmh, so delicious and moist.

  5. Travel Thom says:

    Next time, walk swiftly on a light feet. I always does…never have these problems!

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  7. Kavita Joshi says:

    that marathon of urs should help in this case :)

    • It was only a half marathon, so it only helped half as much though. :-)
      But yes, these races and the training for them help a lot. And in summer, I am planning a long distance walk for a week or two.

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  9. Greg says:

    Muscle weigh more than fat, might be the reason ! It’s easier to suck in the gut for a few minutes than going to the gym for hours every day.

  10. vidavidav says:

    You should have used sleigh. Or if not handy, then crawl :D :D :D :D :D :D

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