The kind of People who become Lawyers

From an article in The Huffington Post about a young man who took part in a riot:

“Rag Gu Rock Gue Kim, also known as Rocky, was caught on video during the June 2011 riot damaging vehicles and trying repeatedly to set a truck outside the post office on fire.


Kim did not say anything in court Wednesday, but during his sentencing hearing Kim said he no longer expects to be accepted at a medical school because of his criminal record, so he plans to become a lawyer instead.”


About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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10 Responses to The kind of People who become Lawyers

  1. Morrighan says:

    lol in all my years as a criminal (ex criminal now) i only had ONE lawyer that was good.he ended up becoming a judge here. most lawyers that work for the state called ‘public defenders’ do not care if their client wins or looses,guilty or not guilty of the crime they are accused of. that’s because ‘public defenders’ get paid from the state. i call them ‘public PRETENDERS’.

  2. Before I met you, I would have said “money grubbing A-holes” in answer to your question. But now I know, especially in your case, that they aren’t ALL money grubbing……
    What? I was finished with my answer! :p ;)

  3. Hahahahahahaha! I worked in a corporate law firm for years, in the bankruptcy department none the less. When our Chapter 11 Debtor was having a cooling system put in his bedroom, because the 24kt gold leaf paint was starting to peel, I began to think “something seems odd about this.” Lawyers get a bad rap. I look at it this way…If you’re in trouble, you’re going to look for the most clever thinker on deck.

  4. innovatelaw says:

    Its a shame that lawyers as a whole get a bad reputation because of a few individuals. Like any profession there are those who are good and those who are just coasting. I do think it’s realy important to remember that a lawyer is only as good as the case. If your case is poor, don’t expect a miracle: just expect the most realistic outcome based on the facts and the evidence.

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  6. german by blood says:

    I think one of the best lawyer of our time is Geoffrey Fieger , alot of people dont like him for being a big mouth and show boat , But he is brilliant in court and commands his presence when in court, His office is down the street from me and i have watched it go from a little office to a complex the only bad part about him now is that your case has to be worth a million for him to take it “and he does cherry pick his cases” and unless your going to be on t.v. multiple times he wont take it!

  7. seeker says:

    Too funny, Kim might just become a QC.

  8. Pegaso says:

    Nice one! I’ll tell you another:
    “why are lawyers increasingly replacing rats for lab tests?”
    “easy! firstly they’re plentiful, secondly lab attendants don’t get attached to them, and then, most importantly, there are things that rats simply won’t do.”

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