What will this do to the image of Germany in the USA?

German girl looking to get married in USA(Found at Freakonomics.)

I know that Americans are wondering why somebody from Germany would want to live in America, with the economic and social factors that we enjoy in Germany, with the lack of school and other shootings and with politicians working together across party lines, even in an election year.

But you don’t know how boring Germany can be!

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Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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9 Responses to What will this do to the image of Germany in the USA?

  1. Harry says:

    Es ist klar – there is no way a woman that skinny would survive a German winter.

  2. german by blood says:

    I dont think many american think that there is any country is better than the u.s, as a rule of thumb most american havent been outside of u.s. a, or better yet have lived in a other country we are lead to believe that most all countrys are third world and we are safe here, this ad will only get the old horney males with some money… maybe i can post my picture in germany and see if a girl will marry me so i can get citizenship…do they have craigslist in germany?

  3. Hey, not EVERY American thinks we have the best country! I don’t worry about the guns so much as the lack of decent medical care. On the other hand, if I was single, I’d definitely look the fraulein up and see if she wanted a history-obsessed Germanophile! :D

  4. german by blood says:

    Well Cubas nice too but they dont have craigslist! If you read my response it said many in u.s. I have lived in many country growing up due to being an military child , and traveled alot as an adult and when i travel i usually stay in modest place, renting rooms from families ,learning to speak the language before i go and knowing the culture and customs. I cant tell you how many time i was oversea and watch american tourist in a public place trying to talk “in english” and expect them to understand and from your comment what does my statement have to do with gun control or medical ? Do try to find a business that sells american mail order brides and then we will talk.

    • Whoops! Sorry, that was an assumption on my behalf when you said “safe” – the words “safe” and “gun control” have become inextricably linked here in the States since that school shooting in Connecticut. My mistake. And I will certainly not apologise for the average “ugly American” tourist yelling at people in other countries for not “speaka dee English?!?”. ;) I was trying to make a “humourous” protest that there were a few Americans (primarily myself) who do have our heads outside our own butts. Unfortunately, as Andreas can well testify, not all my attempts at humour hit the target!
      As for the American brides, you might be surprised how much luck you’d have on Craigslist, they seem to have everything ELSE out there! For me personally, I’ve known several German women who have been VERY attractive to me (not necessarily to others), and would have no problem entertaining the young lady advertising – if I hadn’t been married for the last two decades. But it helps living on the edge of Ohio Amish country – a little bit of Germany (well, more like Switzerland) just a couple towns over! :D

  5. german by blood says:

    I think we are all children of the world and find the policy of a person being property of a certain government simply by birth is unreal and that women have to pimp themselves out to gain a citizenship is just crazy ! I think that a women posting paper flyer looking for marriage in this day and age is a scam! Especially since the phone is listed is a alabama area code! As for gun control and the shooting i think if everybody had guns then we would all be equal and people would be a lot nicer!

  6. german by blood says:

    I have been trying to find information on family records from around 1913 – 1940 in Schonwaldau/Schlesien “GOLDBERG REGION” I have no luck in finding this area or records of family members , I believe my ancestors were jewish/german,so not sure if i going to have luck finding records “yes, i have done all the ancestry pay site online” If anybodys a history buff or know this area feel free to contact me! nanan01@aol.com

    • thatmac says:

      Might be in an archive in Berlin somewhere given that Schlesien went (back) to the Poles after the second war.

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