Did you notice the Irony? (# 1)

Quite often when I read something that other people find tragic or outrageous or don’t even notice at all, I find that my first reaction is to think “Look at the irony behind that!” That is why I now start a new series “Did you notice the Irony” which I already know will be one of the more popular series of my blog.

General David Petraeus, the head of the CIA, resigned yesterday because of his extra-marital affair with Mrs (yes, she is also married) Paula Broadwell, who had written a biography about David Petraeus.

The irony lies in the title of the book: “All In”

Continuing down of this slippery slope of bad taste, Mrs Broadwell’s page at King’s College London where she is currently pursuing her PhD mentions some “top-down” and “bottom-up” stuff.

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12 Responses to Did you notice the Irony? (# 1)

  1. I’m rather pissed at all this, and mostly at Petraeus himself. He was a great asset to the CIA, having come up through the military, and knew what the military needed from the often-reclusive CIA. And for God’s sake, a freakin’ COMBAT officer should know, more than a spy, to “keep your sidearm holstered”, to continue the double entendres.
    Or is there something I’m missing, with all these idiots thinking with the wrong head?

  2. CLKeyes says:

    That was the first thing I noticed when I heard the title and that they were running together, I did point it out to my husband, but he just scowled. Mr. Erickson I think you are on the right track, but I think it is the woman in this case that couldn’t keep her mouth closed.

    If Petraeus is as great as everyone believes he will rise again once this scandal has been put to bed.

    • Sorry about that, CL, my remark was pointing to Petraeus’s having relations with the woman, not with who let the secret slip out. She might have talked about it, but if he had kept his privates, well, private, this affair would never have happened, and thus Petraeus wouldn’t be in trouble.
      And like I said, I’m bewildered why such talented men let their genitals make their decisions. Maybe I’ve been married too long…. :)

    • CLKeyes says:

      I agree, but it takes two to get into this kind of mess. Discretion is the better part of valor they say so if they can’t say no at least they should find someone with the character to be discreet. I doubt that it was much of a secret from Mrs. Petraeus, but now she will have to carry the burden as much as the other two, the lady involved should have to give up something also, perhaps the profits of her book to some charity for veterans.

    • Oh, I LOVE the way you think! How perfect – she surrender her profits to help veterans that won’t enjoy all the benefits Petraeus has collected. Perhaps there will be an announcement of such punishment, say at 11am Eastern Time here in the States? Now THAT would be justice served, indeed.

    • I think Mrs Broadwell may actually suffer from this as well. She is doing a PhD and General Petraeus is part of the subject of her thesis. Not disclosing her personal relationship with him is a considerable violation of the ethical standards in academia and I would not be surprised if King’s College gave her the boot now.
      She may anyway not be able to continue studying but will have to return to work in order to afford the divorce lawyer.

    • Maybe I misread things, but I was of the opinion that the affair came AFTER starting the book, i.e. the affair was a result of working closely together, as opposed to Petraeus hiring his lover. Not that timing affects the gravity of the wrong-doing on BOTH their parts.

    • I agree, that is exactly the timing. But she is now working on the PhD, after having published the book.

    • Ah. Okay, got it, thanks.
      (By the by, the picture of you sitting on a tank? I think that’s a British Challenger, which the Israeli Army used in large numbers. Merkavas tend to have far more slant (“slope”) to the armour on the front of the tank. Don’t ask why, that just popped into my head. I have great amounts of data, but my internal retrieval system SUCKS! ;) )

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  5. Georgina says:

    Consenting adults people!
    Given the number of crimes committed daily, the stupidity that gets Americans murdered in these countries (Afghan constitution subject to shari’ah!), you’d think that just enjoying sex wouldn’t be a problem.

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