Old Houses and their Stories

“What is the story of this house?” That is what I wondered when I saw this majestic but derelict house withering away between the autumn foliage at Trakai in Lithuania.

Later that day I stumbled across another building which was no longer in use. It looked like a former schoolhouse or administrative building and provided a beautiful scene between the colourful trees.

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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6 Responses to Old Houses and their Stories

  1. Wow! That second building looks like a LOT of town halls/courthouses in Ohio and Michigan!
    You know, if these DIY-TV types REALLY wanted to make a killing, rather than traveling he country and putting in “water features”, they’d tour the country and investigate old houses! Shoot, mine is over 110 years old, and we’ve identified at least 3 additions to the original building, with approximate dates of 1930s, late 50s, and late 60s or 70s. Heck, half the wiring in the ceiling of the basement doesn’t hook into anything – but all the outlets work. Obviously, professional builders were either in short supply, expensive, or not very dang professional! :D

  2. g says:

    I think your wrong about that being here in usa, if that buiding was here it would be tore down and they would have condos there , i would love to live there!

    • If you get off the freeways in Indiana, southern Michigan, or Ohio, you see that kind of architecture in VERY small towns – though many are in red brick, like the county seat of Coshocton County, Ohio, where I currently live. When we used to visit members of my wife’s family in South Bend, Indiana, we’d take back roads up to our friends in Lansing, Michigan. US60 is a great road to see some REALLY old stuff, still standing and mostly still being used!
      (Sorry, those are the only 3 states I’ve done a lot of backwoods driving through. We spent most of our weekend time in Chicago trying to get OUT of Illinois – now I’d do just about anything to get BACK to Illinois. C’est la vie! :D )

  3. sanneboertien says:

    Wow beautiful! I am curious too about the stories of those houses :)

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