Muslim outrage over “Innocence of Muslims”

This is what Bashar al-Assad thinks about the violent protests in the Middle East and in Africa against the film Innocence of Muslims:

Wow! Good thing that I only bomb mosques and murder thousands of Muslims. If I had made a video instead, Muslims around the world would be outraged and might even attack Syrian embassies.

“First things first.”


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4 Responses to Muslim outrage over “Innocence of Muslims”

  1. I’m SO glad to see that all our support in helping Libyans and Egyptians gain their freedom from their dictators is paying such dividends…

    • In all fairness, the American/Western/European support for the Arab Spring came after years of supporting or tolerating the dictators, came late in the case of Libya (although then admittedly very forcefully), and in the case of Egypt there was no visible Western support at all. Not to speak of Syria.

      Furthermore, the crowds that took to the streets during the Arab Spring were much more massive than those who have now attacked US, British and German embassies.
      I am also not sure in how far they consist of the same people.

  2. Yeah, I realise it’s A VERY limited number of whackjobs on ALL sides of the issue. And I also realise there is a HEAVY bias in the media, especially here in the States, to report the protests as if they represented all Muslims everywhere. It just seems that we in the West are always being asked to forgive a few Arab extremists blowing our (and especially their own) people to bits, yet when only 2 or 3 Americans do something REALLY stupid, that it’s okay to blame the entire USA for their actions. The old “damned if you do, damned if you don’t” feeling. My apologies for wording that REALLY poorly.
    By the by, have they officially established if the Libyan Embassy attack was indeed conducted by militants (yes, a really obtuse title) as opposed to just being a protest that got out of control? I hate to give a jingoist like John McCain any credit, but as he said, “Protesters usually don’t bring RPGs and heavy weapons to a protest”.

  3. Tim Vann says:

    Nicely put!
    Last week I posted a similar item on my blog (
    It is really difficult to judge the issue, especially since it can not be seen as a singular event, but rather in relation to the past events and attitude of the USA towards the different regiems.
    Keep up the good work! :)

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