Vilnius Cathedral at Night

Yesterday evening, I went for a walk around Vilnius and I was threefold lucky: I came past Vilnius Cathedral exactly at dusk, there were beautiful clouds, and I had my camera with me.

Here is the result:

I am not a bad photographer, nor was I drunk. The tower really is not quite straight.

And then, as it became darker, the lights of the cathedral were slowly turned on.

Until the whole cathedral was illuminated.

Which made for a spectacular contrast with the menacing dark clouds.

(Sie können diesen Artikel auch auf Deutsch lesen.)

(C) for all photos: Andreas Moser on 13 July 2012

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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9 Responses to Vilnius Cathedral at Night

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  2. Simply stated: WOW!

  3. willrobb says:

    What a beautiful series of photos, the night shots work so well with the blueish sky being in contrast to the lights in the buildings. Nice to see so many shots of the parts as well as the whole, a really beautiful cathedral.

  4. Excellent camera work! A quick side question – who’s the gent wielding the sword (the statue including the horse on the plinth)? Sorry, my Baltic history isn’t as strong as I’d like.

    • Rolandas says:

      The duke Gediminas of The Grand Duchy of Lithuania.There is a legend about how one night when he was sleeping, he dreamed about howling iron wolf on the hill. When he woke up and asked his priest what this dream could mean, the priest told him that on the hill where wolf was howling should be a city. Now on this hill is Vilnius.

      p.s Sorry for my english, I am Lithuanian.

    • You did just fine getting the story across, Rolandas, and thank you VERY much. I find the (roughly) similarity between founding Vilnius and the story of Romulus founding Rome quite interesting. (Or maybe being very fond of wolves is colouring my perceptions? :D )
      Either way, thanks once again. I appreciate the information!

  5. Ursula says:

    Your pictures are stunningly lovely. Thank you very much for posting them!

  6. WM says:

    Such beautiful photos!

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