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The BBC ran a report about Syria, Amnesty International and the United Nations Security Council. Next to the Syrian flag and the logo of Amnesty International was what was supposed to be the logo of the United Nations Security Council.

I had never seen this logo before, but I was quite sure that the logo of the United Nations Security Council is closer to the UN flag:

The BBC’s choice for the “UNSC” logo seemed a bit odd, too modern, extraterrestrial. And indeed, it turned out that it was the logo of the fictional “United Nations Space Command” from the computer game “Halo”.

Somebody at the BBC must have used Google image search and not noticed the mistake. This somebody was working at the “News” or “Current Affairs” department of the BBC of all places. He or she did not know anything about the Security Council of the United Nations, a body that has not only been in existence since 1946 but that has been covered in the news at least once a week since then. In addition to that, stumbling across a logo that looks like an alien with forks as extremities did not even raise an eyebrow with these people.

That level of incompetence makes me doubt the quality of the rest of the news on the BBC.

Dear BBC, I live in London and I still have some time on my hands. I am smart, educated and a meticulous and fast researcher. Why don’t you invite me for an interview?

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Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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13 Responses to Research at the BBC

  1. John Erickson says:

    Hey, they were at least in the neighborhood with the name, and weren’t talking about their own country. Our Republican presidential candidate thinks our country is called “Amercia”. 8O
    Or maybe he’s trying to tell us something about who REALLY runs the US? ;)

    • John Erickson says:

      Aw dang, your header picture changed. What tank are you sitting on in that picture, a Challenger 1 or a Centurion? (The turret looks too squared-off to be a Challenger II.)

    • Sorry for the ever changing header pictures. I have a portfolio of 12 different ones and can’t control which one comes up with which article. But if you reload the page often enough, it will appear again.

      I don’t know which tank is depicted, but the photo was taken on the Israeli side of the Golan. Could it be a Merkava?

    • dino bragoli says:

      It’s a modified Centurian Mk5 adapted for the Israeli Army.

    • Outstanding, Dino, thank you! I have a number of books on armoured vehicles, but they were neatly in boxes – until one of the cats got adventurous – and I was greeted by an earth-shattering “THUD!”. Anybody out there wanna spend a week in rural Ohio playing librarian? ;)

    • dino bragoli says:

      Hi John, I’m a ‘rivett counter’, I’m into r/c scale model tanks. I have a 8 channel 12th scale Abrams Main Battle Tank (over 3 foot long) with airsoft cannon and DVR camera as well as a couple of Tamiya 12th scale R/C Hummers with crew. It keeps me off the streets…

    • dino bragoli says:

      These would be the most recent pics of my A1M2.

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  3. Landon Smith says:

    Erickson, Romney didn’t make the app personally how is it his fault that their was a spelling error?

  4. Tris says:

    The BBC has become sloppier and sloppier.

    Clearly they are biased in the matter of Scottish independence, their head office being in London and their very existence as a super-sized publicly funded body dependent on the government of the day, but as far as news coverage, and discussion, it surely behoves them to remember that the SNP is the government in Scotland, and that they as a state broadcaster should remember that everyone in the country who owns a television pays for them… including those who elected the SNP government.

    I don’t believe a word I hear from them now, and the UNSC logo is the icing on the cake.


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  6. dino bragoli says:

    When I first saw the BBC’s version of the UNSC logo I thought it was the lost Eagle of the Ninth Legion, the few survivors that did make it back over the wall to the Roman Empire left their Standard behind…

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