Iran wants Peace

Iran wants peace. It’s a peaceful nation. Iran wants to have constructive relations with the rest of the world. Really.

I saw it with my own eyes when I was in Iran:

"We want to be peaceful friends with all the nations in the world."

Seen and photographed in Shiraz, Iran in January 2009.

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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8 Responses to Iran wants Peace

  1. It’s a very interesting matter. You know this?

    • No, I have not yet seen “A Separation” but I want to watch it soon and I will then write a review here.

    • Just listen to the comment made by the winning director (about ”his people”, at the end of his speech). It is very peculiar, I think. Lately a Dutch Maroccon Muslim guy won a price for best actor, and held a really remarkable speech too: . Quite interesting to notice that both he and this director want to make a statement after they’ve won. By the way, haven’t seen it either, but will do soon.

    • But unfortunately Iranians won’t topple their oppressive regime by making movies or giving speeches. It is sad that Iran has the most lazy-ass opposition of all the countries in the Middle East. While Tunisians, Egyptians, Libyans, Yemenites and Syrians are taking to the streets in order to kick their dictators out and take their country back, Iranians are sitting at home with resignation.

    • Hm yes, interesting article. Of course it’s always ”dangerous” to compare two countries with a different history and probably a really different morale. Because I don’t know too much about Iran, I won’t start a discussion on this. What baffles me though, is the apparent need of succesful muslims to make a statement and to convery their political thoughts. It is, I suppose, something that has been growing over the past couple of years and is a signal of the (political) time we live in, and therefore very interesting.

  2. james says:

    i have two questions, andreas. when was the last time iran started a war? now, when was the last time israel started a war?


  3. Aad says:

    I heard you was raped in prison….did you like it?

  4. radius says:

    I agree that most of the ordinary Iranian people are looking for peace. They have no interest in “exporting” islamic system somewhere else. Many of the Iranian intellectuals consider Islam as something allien that came over their country “just” 1400 years ago and destroyed their autochtoneous persian culture and zoroastrian religion that had a glorious 3000 years old history.
    The problem today, however, are not the ordinary Iranian people (who were never very keen to be recruited as militant islamists). The danger comes from the political “elite”, who are nothing less than maniacs. Chamenei and Ahmadenijad live in a dream world of a final battle between devine and evil. They believe in a soon arrival of the 12th Mahdi, and they would not hesitate to use nuclear weapons to “clean” the earth of all Kaffer (i.e. Israel, US, the west) before his reincarnation. The Iranian leaders are simply psychopaths, they dont care about their own people, let alone the rest of mankind. They took the poor Iranian people as hostage. It is the worst and most dangerous and most rediculous political system that a great, cultural, tolerant nation has ever experienced. I can just hope that the Mullahs regime will be wipe off Iran better today than tomorrow.

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