First New Year’s Resolution for 2012 already broken

It’s 1 January 2012 and already New Year’s resolutions are being broken.

This year’s first culprit is Japan.

"But I can still give up smoking in 2012."

After the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear catastrophe at Fukushima, I am sure many people in Japan included “no more earthquakes” in their lists of resolutions for 2012.

Yet, this morning they had an earthquake again.

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5 Responses to First New Year’s Resolution for 2012 already broken

  1. WordsFallFromMyEyes says:

    This is funny for the ‘but I can still give up smoking’ but awful that the Japanese experienced another earth quake. I didn’t realise that, so you just gave me the news. Happy NY!

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  3. I didn’t know of it!!! Why is it not on the BBC News frontpage??? Happy New Year and I hope this earthquake is the first and last of 2012.

    • BBC News might be pre-occupied with stories about
      – last night’s fireworks in London,
      – more drinking excesses and stabbings in London,
      – something about the Royal Family,
      – how evil the EU and the Euro are.

  4. Rahul says:

    Mother nature must have broken that one.

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