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Random Thoughts (23)

Sure, World War II had some bad sides to it. But at least it got the Oktoberfest suspended between 1939 and 1945. Many times as I entered Israel, I was questioned thoroughly about the origin of my last name by … Continue reading

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The End of Al-Qaeda

You could almost feel sorry for Al-Qaeda. Ten years ago, these terrorists were able to make the world tremble with shock and awe (which you can’t really blame them for, because what else would be the purpose of a terrorist … Continue reading

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Inside Al-Qaeda

“Here you are, Emir: the drink that you requested. Cold.” Ahmed smiled as he offered the canned beverage to the older and bearded man sitting on the floor among some pillows and books. His smile could easily have been mistaken for … Continue reading

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Geeks are killing us

When the Canadian Police announced yesterday that they had arrested two terrorist suspects who had planned to derail a train, I immediately had a picture of them in my mind. A stereotypical picture, but one which is sadly too often … Continue reading

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May we celebrate somebody’s death?

I admit it: when I woke up this morning to the headline “Osama Bin Laden Killed“, I reacted with surprise (about the manhunt still being actively pursued) and jubilation, as well as admiration at the execution of the operation by … Continue reading

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Al-Qaeda 2.0: DIY Terror

Remember Al-Qaeda? They used to scare us a bit by hijacking planes and blowing themselves up. With their nasty activities, they have caused us quite some trouble. Recently however, they seem to have experienced some problems of their own. Recruits … Continue reading

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Don’t travel to Europe!

So say the US State Department and the UK Foreign Office in travel warnings issued because of terror alerts in October 2010. Just having been to Germany a few weeks ago, I checked the Foreign Office’s travel warning about my … Continue reading

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5 years after 7/7 in London

Exactly five years after the suicide bombings of 7 July 2005 that killed 52 people on underground trains and on a bus in London, I am in London myself. More specifically, I am on a underground train as I am … Continue reading

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