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As you have noticed, I enjoy writing. But these lines are not easy to type. I have to ask for your support.

Operating this blog does cost a bit of money. Not too much. Even the research trips are rarely expensive, as I am the expert for affordable travel, staying at places for free, and I have just discovered hitchhiking. Which is probably one reason why you are reading my blog instead of the many (boring) luxury travel blogs. But sometimes, even I have to pay for a train or a museum ticket, or give a cigar to the shepherd in the mountains to get him to talk. And then there are all the books that I need to read in preparation of my journeys!

I hope that I am providing education, entertainment and food for thought with my blog. That I introduce you to other cultures and to countries that haven’t been on your radar. And, most importantly, that I motivate you and show you that it doesn’t have to cost much to experience adventure.

Just as you pay for newspapers, magazines, books and movies, this roving reporter would be delighted if his work received a little bit of appreciation. But probably, the motivating factor is even more important. If I know that there are readers who value the work I put into an article, which can mean several days and nights glued to the desk, then I can finally tackle all the notebooks I have brought home from Sicily, Transnistria, Brazil and elsewhere.


For a while, I had placed advertisements on the blog, which covered some of the expenses. But I found them ugly and annoying. So did you, I suppose. This blog wants to be more qualitative than most pages on the internet, and it should look its part.

Instead, I try to overcome the trepidation and suggest a donation, either one-time or regularly, but of course only as long as you are enjoying the blog. There are several websites and possibilities to do this, which I will describe herein. Some of these websites offer different tiers of donations, with different gimmicks provided in return. Some authors offer special articles only for paying readers, but I don’t want to exclude anyone. Those who have nothing should still be able to read. And from corresponding with readers, I have learned that most of you don’t even want personal postcards or other intimacies, but that you simply want me to write more articles.

Carnuntum writing

For one, there is Paypal, where you can send a donation through this link.

Patreon is a website aimed at collecting recurring donations, which you can of course cancel any month. The interesting thing about it is that they also allow me to propose certain projects, for example the longest possible train journey or a walk around Lake Titicaca, to test the readers’ interest by their willingness to contribute. I will have to set up my Patreon page in the following days.

And then, as I am an old-fashioned guy, there is a simple bank account. IBAN: DE84 7603 0080 0240 5354 07. BIC: CSDBDE71XXX. Account holder: Andreas Moser.

I am also very thankful for books from my wishlist, including used books, by the way. After reading, I donate them to the public library anyway.

But now, to leave that dreary financial topic, what I am really most excited about is your feedback! About your comments and e-mails, your suggestions and criticism. Sometimes, I would simply like to know if you are actually more interested in hikes or in train travel. Whether you prefer to read about 20th century history or about my personal experiences. Is it better to write short and more often or do you prefer two well-researched articles per month?

Schreibtisch voll

And if you did enjoy an article, maybe post it on Facebook or Twitter. Or annoy your friends with it.

Thank you very much!


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