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Film Review: “Nebraska”

If only film studios would realize that with the budget for one science fiction or vampire film they could produce 10 road movies, I would go to the cinema more often. When I saw the trailer for Nebraska, I was … Continue reading

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Malta is for Sale

When I lived in Malta, I was rather surprised by how much was on sale. When I wanted to purchase a bus ticket from the vending machine, it sometimes happened that a helpful bus driver came up to me and … Continue reading

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Ryanair “Low-Cost Bus” not low-cost at all

When booking a ticket for a flight with Ryanair, they will try to sell you health insurance, suitcases, ski equipment and text messages, all of them at an extra charge of course. The booking process is tedious (which other company … Continue reading

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What did Jérôme Kerviel do wrong?

Today, an Appeals Court in France upheld the conviction of Jérôme Kerviel, a former trader with the French bank Société Générale, sentenced him to serve time in prison and ordered him – rather symbolically I assume – to pay 4.9 billion … Continue reading

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How to spot fake immigration advice

Immigration advice is a big business. Millions of people want to emigrate every year and seek out lawyers, attorneys and other immigration advisers. How can you tell a competent adviser from a fake one? I will have more on that … Continue reading

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This scammer watched “Three Kings” too often.

Scammers seem to be shifting from Africa to the Middle East. After I was recently contacted by “the attorney of Hosni Mubarak”, I received the following, purportedly from Iraq: From: “SGT DALE KING” Sent: Mo, 28.03.2011, 23:13 Subject: From; Sgt. … Continue reading

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Auch Scammer sehen Nachrichten.

Auch Scammer und Spammer verfolgen die aktuellen Entwicklungen im Nahen Osten offenbar genaustens. Nur wenige Tage nach dem Sturz Hosni Mubaraks in Ägypten erhielt ich heute diese e-mail: From: Herr Omar Sam [] Sent: 15 February 2011 07:11 Subject: Dringend … Continue reading

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