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Who predicted the Result of the Referendum in Bolivia?

I did: And the result:  

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The Referendum in Bolivia is actually not important

In less than two hours, the polls will close in Bolivia. Soon thereafter, the result of the constitutional referendum will be announced. Half of the country will be happy, half of the country will be sad. Some people will dance, … Continue reading

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History Lessons in Bolivia

In a remote jungle school in Bolivia, I am surprised by what the children learn about Germany. Continue reading

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Democracy in Bolivia

It’s still there, but … (Photograped in La Paz on the anniversary of the 2016 constitutional referendum.) Links: More about Bolivia and about politics.

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Bolivia: Constitutional Law on Drugs

The hotel at which I stayed in San José de Chiquitos (I didn’t find any Couchsurfing host there) banned not only the indoor use of dogs, cats and cigarettes, but also of coca leaves. This prohibition surprised me because coca leaves … Continue reading

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Personality Cult in Bolivia

It is not as bad as in dictatorships, but for a democracy, the personality cult surrounding President Evo Morales is quite strong. At Cochabamba airport, you already see a huge poster of the president from the tarmac, and all over the country, … Continue reading

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I have found my vocation in Bolivia

You may have been wondering why I haven’t published anything for a whole month. (Actually, far fewer of you wondered than I had hoped would wonder. Only two people of my tens of thousands of readers contacted me, asking if … Continue reading

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One Hundred Years Ago, they were looking for the Center of Brazil – September 1922: Brasília

Zur deutschen Fassung. As you know, I am currently searching for the geographical center of Europe, which, over the next few months, will take me to obscure villages from Ukraine to Sweden, from France to Belarus, from Estonia to Belgium. … Continue reading

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New Business Cards

It’s so easy to tell a professional from a non-professional. The former have business cards. After my first set of photo cards was exhausted – and because I have a new phone number and new URLs for my blogs – … Continue reading

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My Travel Year 2017 in Photos

In 2017, I actually got around quite a bit. So much that my passport fell apart. But instead of souvenirs, I only brought back dozens of notebooks, filled with stories to be told, and a few photos to accompany them. … Continue reading

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