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Video Blog: Civil War in Palermo

I spent New Year’s Eve and the first couple of days of January 2014 in Palermo, the capital city of Sicily. I only made one New Year’s resolution (although I had previously dismissed those kind of resolutions as bunk) and … Continue reading

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Praise the Lord with your Spray Can!

In Sicily, even the graffiti sprayers are religious. (Seen behind the Cathedral in Palermo, Sicily.)

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How far can you get by train?

Zur deutschen Fassung dieses Artikels. One of my readers wrote that he had been wondering how far he could get if he took his local commuter train and continued traveling with no other means of transport than the railway. As a train enthusiast, … Continue reading

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Video Blog: Unicorns

For thousands of years, mankind has been divided between those who believe in the existence of unicorns and those who don’t. Those who are convinced that unicorns are more than mere creatures of legend have been exposed to ridicule and … Continue reading

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In the Jungle

Ok, not quite in the jungle, but at the impressive Botanical Garden of Palermo in Sicily.

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FAQ on my Life as a Traveler

One aspect of traveling the world and changing my place of residence every few months is that I get to know new people again and again. Yet, the questions during most of these encounters remain the same: What made you … Continue reading


How Santa Claus really travels

Did you also wonder how Santa Claus can ride all around the world with his reindeer-powered sledge? And whether he would really do that in the freezing cold? And how he could transport all these presents with one sledge? Well, … Continue reading

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A Relaxing Video Blog

After all the videos about civil war, volcanoes, the last unicorns, daredevil cycling, car bombs, botched lives and extinct civilizations, I am offering you something very relaxing today: (filmed at Syracuse on Sicily)

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“Italia dei Valori” explain anti-German election campaign

“Europeans, not Germans,” the posters of the Italian party Italia dei Valori (“Italy of Values”) are screaming out in an effort to gain votes in the upcoming elections to the European Parliament. As I have pointed out already, I find that a … Continue reading

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Your favourite blogger at work on Stromboli

In order to find the best stories and photos for this blog, no efforts are too much and no risk is too high. I cross deserts on foot, I spend months on distant islands, I infiltrate Al-Qaeda, I fly into space … Continue reading

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