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Most Important Investment Advice # 3

After the success of the first and second part of my investment advice series, here is the third most important investment advice: Don’t save anything for retirement. You have no idea if your now will even like the kind of … Continue reading

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The Second Most Important Investment Advice

My second most important investment advice: Don’t save anything while you are married. When you get divorced, your wife will take half of it. Most of the rest will go to lawyers. Don’t forget to have a look at my … Continue reading

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The Most Important Investment Advice

My # 1 investment advice: If you still have money left when you die, you have done something wrong. Also consider advice # 2 and # 3.

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Geographical Diversification of your Investments

This morning while cycling to the library, I was listening to a podcast of Money Box, a BBC radio show. This particular show was about investment advice and the whole panel recommended to split your investments in equities (shares or stocks) at around 50 to … Continue reading

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How to become a Millionaire (Quarantine Edition)

One of my more popular posts is the one on how to become a millionaire. It has helped hundreds of readers to fulfill their dream! But what now, in times of the Corona crisis? When we can’t go to work, … Continue reading

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How to become a Millionaire

I don’t know why so many people are obsessed with becoming millionaires – or of those who already are, with becoming billionaires. I don’t get the point of collecting more wealth than you can spend. But oddly enough, without striving … Continue reading

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Uman: Communism or Cheesy Story?

There is really no reason to visit Uman. It is a small city like hundreds of others in Ukraine. But because it lies halfway between Kyiv and Odessa, I decided to break the journey and to spend a day and … Continue reading

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An unexpected find

I am trying to get rid of most stuff and have been quite successful already. I have no car, only one hat, and I am even letting go of books. But one thing is piling up: notebooks, full of memories, … Continue reading

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A Walk around Tbilisi

Zur deutschen Fassung dieses Artikels. Each year for my birthday, I like to explore a new country, preferably alone. In July 2017, I treated myself to a trip to the Caucasus (and ended up celebrating my 42nd birthday with the … Continue reading

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Always follow the River. A Walk from Calgary to Cochrane.

For New Year’s Eve, a friend invited me to Cochrane, about 15 or 20 km west of Calgary. Looking at the map, I noticed that it lies by the same Bow River which flows through Calgary, and thus I easily … Continue reading

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