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My house in Colombia

Bogotá is actually quite green for a large city, but I wanted only nature, without the city. So I rented a little house north of Colombia’s capital, which I reached on smaller and smaller roads, shared with a surprising number … Continue reading

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Baking for Dummies

I would love to eat something else than only pizza, pasta and kebab every week. Unfortunately, recipes and cookbooks are more complicated for me to read than the works of Immanuel Kant or books about stochastics. But finally someone made a video … Continue reading

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Random Thoughts (1)

Every day, my head, my notebooks and pieces of paper all over my apartment rapidly fill up with ideas about articles, comments on current affairs and links to other interesting stuff which I want to turn into stories. Some time. But … Continue reading

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An idea for Kaliningrad

From the letters to the editor in The Economist: SIR – I suggest taking another page from Mr Putin’s playbook to resolve the lingering issue of Kaliningrad. This Russian-governed territory sits squarely isolated in the midst of the European Union and … Continue reading

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The Paradox of the Categorical Imperative

One of the most important concepts in moral philosophy is the categorical imperative by Immanuel Kant. Its first formulation reads “Act only according to that maxim whereby you can at the same time will that it should become a universal … Continue reading

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Is there an Alternative to Liberalism?

The final project of the second year (of three) of my MA in Philosophy was supposed to give an answer to the question “Is there a serious alternative to liberalism as a political theory?” Here is what I wrote: I. … Continue reading

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Punishment and Liberalism

The following essay was part of the second year of my MA in Philisophy and set out to examine which problems criminal punishment poses for liberalism, especially in view of John Rawls‘ theory of punishment in “A Theory of Justice”. This … Continue reading

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I will take you seriously when you learn how to pronounce foreign names

Because I go on a lot of long walks at all times of the day, I regularly download podcasts to provide me with stimulating intellectual company during these walks – as nobody seems to wish to join me in person. I listen … Continue reading

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UNESCO World Philosophy Day – why in Iran?

Since 2002, UNESCO is holding a World Philosophy Day each year in November. – That’s a nice idea because philosophy is much underrated in public debate. This World Philosophy Day is hosted by a different country each year. – That’s … Continue reading

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MA Dissertation on Prisoner Disenfranchisement

Don’t worry, I don’t expect anyone to read this. But for the record and maybe for future reference of some other students working on the same subject, here is my dissertation with a critical look on the political philosophy of … Continue reading

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