The kind of surprises you find when hiking in Brazil

Today, I went for a small hike in Chapada Diamantina National Park.

After two weeks in a large city, this was more than the proverbial breath of fresh air – despite it being filled with smoke from the forest fires. Green forests, beautiful views, the elements of nature, strange animals, mountains, rivers, waterfalls.

But for the couch potatoes among you who aren’t enticed by any of this, I want to show you one view which may change your mind.

lady pool

For those with bad eyes, a closer look:

lady pool closerlady pool closer focus

I was surprised because this was a long walk from town, a long way from all the other people in the park. But then, this shows you how safe Brazil is. If ladies can swim alone in the middle of the wilderness, without any company, but without fear, then it’s a really safe place.

Guys, I can see that some of you are getting ready to go hiking already. Unfortunately, I am too ethical to reveal the location of this natural pool. Well, maybe if you bribe me…


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20 Responses to The kind of surprises you find when hiking in Brazil

  1. Justine says:

    You do realise that’s Artemis and now you’ll be chased by hounds for the rest of your life, right? ;)

    • Oh shoot!
      And shame on me for not even knowing that story until you brought it to my attention (I didn’t study Greek at high school and am thus painfully under-educated in Greek mythology).

  2. brokenradius says:

    I heard already that Brazil is world leader in the consumption of suntan oil. But I did know that there are entire pools filled with this stuff.

  3. erikathaissa says:

    Have you ever watched “Turistas” with Josh Duhamel and Olivia Wilde? Lol

  4. erikathaissa says:

    It is a pity! Do you know if these fires are criminal or is it just the warm El Niño coming up?
    Fire ragings are very common because of the weather, sometimes.

    • I don’t know for sure, but most people here suspect criminal activity (although that doesn’t mean it has to be, of course). What I find suspicious is the large number of fires being started at different spots. Without lightning, how would a dire start naturally? Animals and plants don’t do crazy stuff, do they?

    • erikathaissa says:

      Of course not. But its known that leaving broken glasses, cigarettes, metal papers (like snack packages) into the forest foment fire in warm days after the sun reflecting and burning these stuffs. I don’t know too much about these trails there, but here in Rio it is very common. It is much more about awareness, sometimes.

    • I have only gone hiking one day, but I was positively surprised. I did not see any trash anywhere. But there a lot of people smoking marijuana, maybe they accidentally light fires when they doze off with a joint.

    • erikathaissa says:

      Haha blame it on marijuana :p

  5. cecilia says:

    Rivers, wells and countless waterfalls involving all the Chapada Diamantina, are pure and clean Acutely, but has this color of tea because they are rich in iron (because rocks..lot of) and tannin (substance found primarily in the stems of trees). Sorry to say, but not with all the suntan oil in a world these waters would be that color. ;)

    • Thanks for this detailed explanation!
      It was interesting to walk along this small river and all the waterfalls on its way, because the color of the water changed so many times.

    • brokenradius says:

      My guess is that humic acid from decomposition of many organic matter around this pond is the reason for the brown color.

  6. Ma Lta says:

    i hope you didn’t stand there looking at her playing with your tool!

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