Better than Google Glass

google-glassGoogle, the small and friendly company, which just endeared itself to us again by announcing the imminent discontinuation of Google Reader, will bring a new toy to the market later this year: Google Glass. These are glasses which have been deprived of the plural, but enhanced with photography, video and scanning functions. They will listen to voice commands and they will provide additional information about the objects or persons you are looking at. Basically, it does what most phones nowadays do, but you have to put it in front of your face. Maybe Google thinks it’s practical because fewer people would forget their glasses at home than would forget their phone, but my personal experience is actually the other way round.

The price for this possibly somehow theoretically useful gadget will be around 1,500 $.

If that is too much money for you, I have a much better offer for you: For only 200 $, I will send you this item which will make you look just as stupid if you wear it.

bag-over-headYou are saving 1,300 $ with this unique offer. My standard 100% money-back guarantee will apply.

If however, you are planning to buy Google Glass not in order to look like a dumb moron, but because you love the idea of working for Google for free by collecting lots of data of all the places you visit and all the people you meet and serving as a 24/7 surveillance drone, then you’ll have to go for the original.

(Dieser Artikel ist auch auf Deutsch erschienen.)

About Andreas Moser

Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a writer, a spy or a hobo.
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5 Responses to Better than Google Glass

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  2. radius says:

    I think I know this guy behind the paper mask: it is Mark Zuckerberg, right ?

  3. bowtiejack says:

    What would be interesting is if people wearing Google Glass get the sort of reaction a known Stasi agent would get showing up uninvited at your party.

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