If only it were so easy

I regularly receive e-mails with legal questions, even though I am on a sabbatical from lawyering and have only limited time available due to my studies of Philosophy. No problem with that; if the person sounds nice and they have an interesting legal problem, I am not disinclined to help – time permitting.

But some of these requests are better (mis)used for public entertainment education:

Dear sir,
I have to ask few questions.I am from pakistan i am going italy on visit visa.Is there any kind of law or something that i can convert my visit visa to study visa?Or if i go on visit visa  then if i apply for ASYLUM then can i do study on asylum?

with best wishes

Oh, if only it were so easy!

I am not sure why this person decided to e-mail me because I have never studied or practised law in Italy. But generally, if a country issues different types of visas, then you need to get the appropriate one for the intended purpose of your stay.

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Travelling the world and writing about it. I have degrees in law and philosophy, but I'd much rather be a journalist, a spy or a hobo.
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One Response to If only it were so easy

  1. John Erickson says:

    Sometimes the best comedy comes from unintentional sources. Two strangers came walking up my drive this morning. I went out to find out what was going on. They had come to remove our propane tank (a 500 gallon beast, used in rural areas for heating and cooking). Problem was, people had already come and removed the tank – TWO YEARS AGO! I inform them of this fact, one of the gents pulls out his clipboard, and reads off the reason – “inactivity of account”. Whereupon he looks at me and says “Well, I guess it being gone would explain the ‘inactivity'”! Ya THINK? :D
    Turns out another company had bought the one that removed our tank, and paperwork apparently got lost in the buyout. One thing to say for rural Ohio – never a dull day!

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